David Ferguson has written an article that answers the question about the Gilbreth children, "Where are they now?" Click here to read the article on the Gilbreth Network On Line.

Gilbreth family tree, as published in the 1949 edition of Cheaper by the Dozen (Thomas Crowell publisher)--see below the tree for a typed version if this image isn't clear on your screen:

Below is a typed version of the chart above. Keep in mind that this information is accurate only as of 1949; it does not include births after that date.

Frank and Lillian The Dozen & Their Spouses The Dozen's Children The Dozen's Grandchildren
Frank Bunker Gilbreth m. Lillian Moller      
  Anne m. Robert E. Barney Peter, Frank, Robert William, Frank, Susan, Robert
  Mary (died at age six)    
  Ernestine m. Charles E. Carey Charles, Lillian Christine, Bradley
  Martha m. Richard E. Tallman Janet, Blair, Mary, Stephanie  
  Frank m. Elizabeth Cauthen (dec.

m. Mary Manigault

Betsy, Rebecca, Teddy Ellen, Betty
  Bill m. Jean Irvin Lillian, Bill Amy, Billy, Jim
  Lillian m. Donald D. Johnson Julia, Dodge  
  Fred m. Jessie Tallman Susan, Frank, John  
  Dan m. Irene Jensen David, Danny, Peggy  
  John m. Dorothy Girvan Peter, James, Deborah  
  Bob m. Barbara Filer Roy, Ann  
  Jane m. George Paul Heppes, Jr. Laurie, Paula  

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